The Benefit of Newsletter Subscription for Your Blog and Website

A good blog is a blog that sends updates to its readers on a regular basis. Please consider and answer your own questions before you read this post.

Have you got a list of your readers?

  • Do you send your followers an update on your latest post?
  • Do you think social media is a great place for your post. To be promoted than email?
  • Do you think email is gone, or is it just becoming old-fashioned?
  • Do you think nobody pays attention to emails?

If you think it’s dead the email!! You’re way behind the facts, then. A survey shows that post traffic rises by up to 25 percent when using blog subscription newsletters. If you are still not using the email subscription, you are lacking one of the best resources.

What is a newsletter for blogs?

First of all, let me explain what the Newsletter blog is about. A blog email newsletter is one way to update your blog post to your followers. Your readers subscribe to your posts on your blog. It is one of the best ways for the blogger community to give their subscribers an updated message.

The title, description, or link(s) to your post can be the format of your newsletter. Once or twice a month, some bloggers submit a newsletter. Others will email irregularly – send the post-publishing email immediately.


The frequency of your emails should suit you and your readers.

If they want a weekly newsletter, don’t give us a newsletter every day. Submit what you can do comfortably. But if you’re only able to handle one a month, make it a weekly newsletter. There’s no point in delivering a weekly email to anyone.

The newsletter frequency should not be too infrequent.

Many readers (especially those who’ve just joined) will forget who you are if you don’t send an email for six months. They can also mark your emails as spam, which can have a drastic effect on the distribution of them.

Why is your website newsletter subscription so important?

#1: Emails provide you with power over your own traffic

A broad list of email subscribers will easily help drive traffic to your website. By simply sending a few emails every month, your website or blog will have plenty of traffic. Which is even better than a paid campaign, actually. Social networking can’t help, since the post is only viewed by just a fraction of your followers. You need to improve your post to hit the target number of audience, which really costs you a good amount.

If you believe that your article can only be seen by 25 percent of your target audience, you can still drive strong traffic to your site. GO HEAD!!

#2: Emails are a perfect way to create links with your followers.

The social media post and the newsletter post, which is PERSONAL FEEL, vary greatly. The social media feed does not greet your reader. But the emails sound personal as each and every letter in the email body customises the salutation and personal name.

Personalized email has the power to make the connection between you and your reader deeper. You may respond to your readers’ personal queries.

#3: Support by monetizing your blog to raise good money

You read, yes, write!!! A good variety of traffic and niche topics lets you earn well. This allows you to build lead via newsletter subscription for your product and services. You can also help some businesses and earn cash in addition to supporting your message. You can earn cash through affiliate marketing.

#4: Redirect email readers to your other social media accounts.

If you have a focused niche blog, push your social media accounts to your newsletter subscribers. The newsletter is a perfect way to build a long-term relationship between you and your reader. You will promote anything related to your goods and services once you develop it.

#5: Target nearly every group of readers

Anyone who subscribes to your newsletter via RSS or email will receive an update about your article. You may distinguish them into different groups. For each group, you can make a list of subscribers. This will allow you to discourage the same individuals from sending too many promotional messages. It also avoids sending out of interest any insignificant issue to the reader.

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