Steps to Use Google Sheets As an Amazon Price Tracker

Prices could go up and down on different products from Amazon every day. By using one Google Spreadsheet, you will be able to keep a track of these prices adjustments. So that you can remember to ask for a cheaper price from your rivals. If you have included the connection of the concerned product. You will proceed to input your description. Then someone else can add and input their annotation.

To use the Amazon Associates website

You first need to generate a personal access key. After this, you will be able to access the Advertisement API defined by the “Tools drop down menu.” To follow up on that. In the Add Credentials section, choose the Manage Your Credentials option. If you open a “Settings” tab, by clicking “Amazon” you’ll see a secret key and an access key has been created.

In order to complete this assignment successfully. Copy your Price Tracker spreadsheet from your Google account to your Personal Google Drive. Also, make sure you keep the layout the same as your initial spreadsheet. After the tracker has been uploaded. Put up the Amazon connection of the product you are selling, as the column marked as A. That Amazon connection contains the 10 digit ASIN code. Which is the ASIN number that Google uses to track the changes in price of that specific product. Which will be used to monitor the prices will also list other useful information relevant. To the product such as name of the merchant, details on shipping prices, overall product rating, etc.

This move can be done if the stock price is can too quickly.

Here in the price tracker the user sets up strict restrictions on the different discounts. Meaning that if the price of the product offers an incredibly low price. Or if the price of the product falls below a certain amount. The user will be notified by an email notification. A pre-bidding situation would allow you to get a head-start on the product before anyone else. Finding the desired amount of change. Will be as easy as heading to column B and choosing the percentage or price you want to specify.


Configuration of Amazon Price Tracker- Within the Google spreadsheets. And from there you will need to select configure. It could probably come to this that you will need to approve the Amazon Price tracker script. After so as to link it to the Amazon API after so as to allow pending email notifications. After clicking on the “Configure” button, be sure to enter your Amazon Access ID. Your hidden Access key and your Amazon email address. After which you will start getting updates with regards to the items you put in the price tracker also.

This is a very useful tool as it can also track the price changes of Kindle eBooks and it can also help keep track of the prices of goods sold by Amazon on a country specific Amazon website such as,,, etc. This gives the e-cigarette, an incredibly valuable resource indeed.


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