Simple and Easy Way to Secure Your Wifi Connection

Making sure that your wifi network at home remains safe is very necessary. There are a few quick and simple steps you can take to make your wifi safe and stable.

Open the Settings Tab of the Router-

To view it, go to your web browser and enter “” From there, in the specified boxes, type your correct username and password and press enter. In your router’s user manual, you can find your username and password. The manual for certain routers is also available on Google.

Build a Special Password-

For your router, create a new, special and customised password that no one can guess. For your wifi router, do not hold a generic or default password. Even, every few months, don’t forget to change your password.

Network SSID Name Update-

Changing the name of your NETWORK SSID will help because it would help others to realise that it is not a default network and that it might be secure. Don’t hold as your SSID names your family names, phone numbers or home addresses.

Encrypting the Network-

This is an important assignment. There are a lot of crypts out there. WPA2 is the most stable of the current routers, and WEP is the least secure. Choose accordingly your encryption.

Filtering PC Addresses for Mac

A Mac address is an inbuilt address on the networking equipment of your computer. It’s similar to an IP address, except that you can’t alter it. You can add the Mac addresses of all your devices to your wifi network for further security. Find the Mac addresses of your computers to do that. Use the command prompt on your PC and type ‘ipconfig /all.’ With the name ‘Physical Address,’ you can see your Mac address. Under Networking Settings, you can find your Mac address on your computer. Simply connect these Mac addresses to the administrative settings of your wifi router. Now your wifi will only be able to access these machines.

Reducing the range of your WiFi

The best way to do this is to place the router in a shoe box under the bed, or to tie foil around its antennas. Similarly, instead of any other mode, you can also upgrade your wifi router mode to 802.11g.

Upgrading Apps for Your Wifi

This is also critical as you also get fresh security updates for your router with new updates. Visit “” to check the latest firmware version and check it in the administration environment or on the dashboard.





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