How to Utilise Blockchain Technology for E-Commerce

What is the technology for Blockchain?

For the control of economic transactions, Blockchain is a decentralised digital public ledger. It is structured not only to record financial transactions, but to record anything that goes into them. The strongest feature of a blockchain is that. It enables the holdings of users and the transactions. They have carried out publicly over the system to be viewed.

In addition, through powerful cryptography. It also conceals a user’s identity. The decryption of the cryptographic code takes a long and difficult calculation, making it the safest way to exchange currency.

Challenges in the sector of e-commerce

By decentralising power and cutting the existence of middleman from the landscape, Blockchain technology is changing the e-commerce industry. But let’s dive into the current obstacles that the e-commerce industry faces. Before exploring the potential of Blockchain technology for the e-commerce industry.

High Costs-The role of a middleman. Who takes away a decent share of money on any order. Is one of the biggest pain points of a seller in the conventional e-commerce business model. For the completion of a transaction, the seller has to pay the transaction processing charge.

Uncertain Security- Another main concern for these types of companies is the safety of buyer information. The scheme needs to gain the trust of its customers and ensure that their personal and financial information is secure. The current state of the e-commerce market does not provide users with foolproof protection.

Time consuming- An number of tasks such as supply chain, logistics, payment gateways etc. are included in the e-commerce model. The e-commerce industry has to deal with these intermediates every day in order to handle all these operations. This takes a great deal of time to complete the entire process.

How to push the e-commerce industry in the future with Blockchain

For not only the sellers, but also for the consumers, blockchain technology for e-commerce is a boom. The following are only a few of the problems that can be solved by implementing Blockchain in the e-commerce sector:

Cost Reduction- With Blockchain, for inventory management. The e-commerce industry may rely on Blockchain technology. This results in less spending on system maintenance or recruiting IT support staff to manage them. Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ripple, etc., would reduce the fees paid during transactions by third party entities such as banks.

Cyber threats- The e-commerce industry is still at risk of losing data and money. From its customers due to unwanted cyber attacks. Despite the use of a protected transaction network. In order to overcome these problems, blockchain technology is the ideal solution. The use of distributed ledgers for the management of e-commerce database management systems offers the highest degree of security.

Quick processing- Blockchain e-commerce technology removes the reliance on the e-commerce model of intermediaries, employees and third party organisations. It saves a great deal of time spent in the overall process, ranging from inventory management. To order placement to door step delivery to customers.


From the beginning, the sellers have been bothered by these challenges. It can also undoubtedly be a smart idea for the whole framework to incorporate Blockchain Technology into the e-commerce market. Here comes the need for the e-commerce industry for blockchain technology. That is able to address all the problems on its own.

In order to run their company smoothly, several e-commerce businesses have already started investing in Blockchain technology. The day when Blockchain technology will infiltrate the entire e-commerce industry is not far away.

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