How To Repair NET Framework In Windows 10

The .NET Platform is a free programme that is now integrated into the Windows core bundle.

Introduced in the late 90’s, it lies at the heart of a large number of the most significant Windows features as a way of standardising application development through multiple versions of Windows.

Unfortunately, for several years, the .NET architecture has been known to cause a high number of errors/problems.

Although it typically does not cause the problems themselves, they frequently arise as a result of bad or related integrations.

The following tutorial should help if you have been advised to “re-install” or “repair”.NET.

Remember – It is not possible to uninstall .NET.

It is actually difficult to “remove” the .NET framework from later versions of the device since it is such an important part of the Windows ecosystem.

Although you are free to update, patch and treat it – it doesn’t work to delete it.

As such, you need to make sure that you have the new update and that it is operating correctly on your machine if you’re having problems.

You need to follow the steps below to do this:

1. Run The Tool for Verification

The first move is to run a verification tool called Microsoft’s.NET.

This is a free piece of software that effectively tests for any problems with. NET that might be present.

By searching online for “.NET Verification tool” and clicking the first page, you can download it (it should be a Microsoft web page).

Run it after downloading the tool.

If you have no idea which version of the .NET system you are running, just choose version 4 of .NET.

The system should be checked by *should* (it only really checks to see if the correct files are on the system).

It will send you an error code that you need to search online if there are any problems… Otherwise, proceed down below.

2. Run Repair Tool for.NET

You should run the .NET Repair Tool to do this.

This is another Microsoft-generated tool that effectively helps you to clean up all of the issues that Windows may have with its installation of .NET.

You will find it, just like the above verification tool, by clicking on your favourite search engine and searching for a “.NET repair tool”

The first Microsoft connection should be clicked – it should show a page with a large orange icon.

Download the programme to your machine once you have pressed the button and run it.

Follow the steps on the screen and, once done, restart your PC.

3. Upgrade.NET Upgrade.

You may want to try upgrading the framework if the above doesn’t work.

Basically, this overrides all of the files that may be troublesome anyway, enabling you to clean up any mistakes you may have.

You would need to do the following to do this:

Online scan for “.NET latest download”

A Microsoft webpage should be presented to you

“.NET Core”.NET Core. Also “.NET Framework”.NET Framework

Under the .NET framework alternative, click on “Download.NET Framework Runtime”

Save the file on the PC

Open it and execute it

If you have the latest update, it will either inform you or prompt you to continue.

Follow the steps and reset your system if you can continue.

4. In “Windows Features” Reinstall.NET

Finally, you might be able to disable the Windows Features feature.

You need to take these steps to do this:

On your keyboard, click the “Windows” + “S” key.

‘Programs and Functionality’ form

Choose the first choice (in Windows 10, there may be an option for “Turn Windows features on or off” – which you should click)

“.NET 4.7”.NET 4.7

Deactivate the box

Select ‘OK’

Restart your computer

Open the applet again, and check the box this time,

Certain installation processes should be carried out by Windows

Upon completion, restart the machine again

Testing to see if it’s working

If, after following the above, you are still having problems, you will need to make sure that all of the programmes running on your machine are functioning properly. By re-installing them, this can usually be done.

There are a range of online forums that might be able to help if you are out of your depth and need specific assistance – Reddit, SuperUser and Microsoft Answers being 3 of the most common. You have paid help on top of that, which can be found either through Google, locally or on Fiverr.

If you’re still struggling after this, it means that your system has a deeper problem. While Windows is not typically explicitly affected by .NET, it may be the case that some third-party software clashes with your OS, causing the errors / issues that you are experiencing to appear. In this case, the solution is to re-install all of the problematic software and ensure that your device (malware / viruses etc.) does not have any other problems.


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