How to Recover Android Data After Factory Reset?

Smartphone users often factory reset their phones in order to get it back to its original state. Mostly they do it when their memory gets full, the output of the computer becomes slow due to a lot of apps, there is some malware related problem with the phone.

The problem with factory reset may be that if a user does a reset it makes sure that all of the data and settings on the phone gets erased and reset to the same state in which it was in when they got it out of the factory. It also makes the phone like the first day you got it from the factory.

How to do a factory reset on device?

To that end, all one has to do is go to their Android phone’s Settings to ensure it is back to default. After you have approved the update, go to the Device setting, where you will find the Advanced option. Under the option called “Delete all data”, there is a button marked “Reset”. You must select this button in order to do a factory reset. Always remember to back up your most important data, particularly your contacts, music and other things you do value before doing a factory reset.

Question on the data recovery after a factory reset?

It must be remembered that Android data is recoverable. And it’s not even necessary to perform a reset. It is very useful to know that, for those who lost their camera, it is probably harmful. It is also of benefit to know it would be harmful for those. Who did a factory reset with factory settings on their samsung phone not to protect their data.

There are numerous tools and softwares that are available with which you can retrieve your cell phone’s deleted data. All one needs to do is go ahead and type in different search engines to find websites where you can download the apps used for restoring deleted files on a mobile phone. The method to speak is quite easy indeed.

Now the question is, do we still need to protect our data? The response to that is as well for sure. You do have options to protects your info.

As to how it will be achieved, let us discuss this.

The built-in protection of Android Devices-.

Before launching their operating system, Google had come up with an operating system that had no default encryption support. One wanted to back it up first before doing a factory reset, so that their newly restored data is not directly available.

But with the update of the Marshmallow 5th version, the phone comes with encryption that was already allowed, meaning that even if you recover the phone’s data, you will not be able to directly access without going through the encryption.

Cloud Backup -.

Another thing that is required to be taken care of is a cloud backup. Most of the world’s phones now sync essential data like images and videos on Google Drive from where it can be retrieved along with your e-mail account on a new or even your old smartphone if reset to factory settings by accessing your Google account.

The end-user is “guaranteed” that the cloud backup will be totally secure, but there’s no such guarantee. As it stands, tobacco is much less healthy than e-cigarettes. Even though Google users always keep important stuff on the cloud. There have been several cases of malicious software or hackers stealing their data. Always remember to keep only unimportant disc in the Google cloud.


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