Blogging Success Is Easier When You Do What You Know

You’re not alone if you want to start a blog. Many people start bloggers in the hope that they can make money on their hand, get more feet into their bricks and morter company or even substitute their jobs.

Any blogger who earns revenue from their blog knows that the only way to make money is to keep traffic flowing. You wouldn’t make money without your readers.


There are several ways to get them, but the question is: how do you hold them back? If your blog doesn’t please a reader at all, they’ll abandon your blog, never coming back.


Why did you begin your blog?


Was it money to buy your own South Sea Island and to become the Queen or King of your own paradise?


If so, luck in your quest.


This way of thinking is problematic. There’s nothing wrong with effectively running a blog financially. However, you do not know the potential you will have if you have the wrong motivation.


This is because the internet is all about relationships these days.


Your audience and you


What is the best way to establish lasting, fruitful connections with your audience? It’s when you dream about the things you know profoundly. You should blog about this if you are an excellent resource of information and experience in growing and collecting juniper trees!


Too many bloggers begin to try to reach an area that they see has a lot of revenue. Every day, this occurs with the weight loss and reparation sectors. Don’t get me wrong, if you manage to help someone finally lose weight while you have a relationship or fix a relationship, you make money by doing a good job.


But you do not know anything about these subjects.


On the other side, you know what you need to know when you launch the Juniper Trees For Benefit blog. You know better than the audience and contest. In everything you do, your writing, your marketing and the relationship you create with your audience, you will find your passion and expertise in this field.


One of the best ways to precisely understand what your audience wants is by starting a blog where you know everything about a specific subject.

Get to know the audience of your blog from what they don’t say
You have heard people say before, “If you don’t tell me how I can help you, how can I help you?”

That is definitely true to some degree. If you see a man weeping, carrying two bread bits, one covered in jelly, how do you know what’s wrong? When you ask him, he says he has no butter of peanut. You know how to support the poor guy now.

However, sometimes what your blog audience doesn’t tell you is more important than what they communicate.

What are they not asking you?

Let’s presume you’re in the market for weight loss. You have a list and the number one request to do an assessment is to lose 25 pounds in 3 months.

You work, write blog posts and create information items to help your audience do just that. Then something unusual occurs. You’re not offering. What happened? What happened?

The Big Why

Exactly what your audience doesn’t tell you is important here… The “BIG WHY” behind their weight loss inspiration. A woman will know her wedding day is just around the corner. She knows this is a once in a lifetime (hopefully) experience and she wants to look her best so that all the photos are great.

You may think it’s the fault of that person not to tell you her intimate reason to want to lose weight. That is false. You are the one to whom they have come. You didn’t ask enough deep questions to understand why weight loss was needed.

Deep Dig

Ask deeper questions for your audience. Don’t simply ask them if they want to lose weight, ask them why, keep looking for the emotional imperative.

You have a customer for life when you fulfill this deep desire for improvement rather than as a surface desire.

Share your Why Share

Share the “why” you do with your audience. Your intimate, unique story and strategy will help you to draw an audience you want to deal with and will reward you with business success.

Build a profile of audience

You have to know the audience you’re really well after. This means taking time to build a profile of the audience that contributes to an avatar, a simple image that embodies your ideal viewpoint.

Your blog should make your competition special and distinct. If you do, the chances of success with an online blog will significantly improve.

8 Stage Guide to Epic Blog Writing

When it comes down to it, it’s unforgettable what you expect from your blog post. You want to motivate people so that your readers can’t help but take the action they are advising.


By winging it, it is difficult to create a great piece of material. Use the following formula to polish your creation so that when you publish it is as good as possible.


1. Case Tempest


You must have a subject before you can publish any kind of content online, fantastic or terrible! Note that your blog subject is more innovative, unique, challenging or useful, better.


2. Rough summary


Sketch a rough design together. Don’t worry if you don’t normally use outlines, this can be really rough and “by the seat of your pants” Any blog post with an amazing value will have several bits, and this is where your contour helps.


3. Fill out the suggestions pages


Now make a rough contour for each portion of your rough contour. In other words, identify certain ideas, data, problems, solutions, subsections and information that fills in every section of your sketch. Again, don’t worry here about structure or grammar. This is just to give you some advice when making your first draft. What, now is the time for your…


4… 4… Draft first


Take all your rough sketches and write the first draft of your article.


5. Format Format


Add bullet points, charts, text, italics, pictures and images, and you can read quickly. Split your text.


6. Edit your second draft, and write it


Do this only after at least 24 hours of walking away from your project. You would be shocked at the mistakes and opportunities you discover.


7. Read Out Loud and ask for assistance


This is the trick of a talented copywriter who works marvels for your copy. Read your post loudly. There are issues with the flow of your material which are not often exposed when you quietly read it. In addition, make a friend or family member read the post and ask for their truthful feedback.


8. End editing and rewriting, printing


Make a last edit. Take any word or expression that doesn’t sound right or doesn’t belong. Do your final rewrite and then press post.

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