The Rise and Fall of Guest Blogging

Some bloggers have touted guest blogging as a great way to gain some form of exposure and popularity. They say it would open doors in your blogging experience for you to hit ‘higher heights’. Let me mention here that I’m not a fan of blogging, and I haven’t heard much about it lately, unlike in previous years. Somewhere in the blogosphere, I’m sure it’s still going on, but I think it’s gone lame.

The argument is that guest blogging can help create links to your own profile, visibility and traffic. Obviously, this is the inspiration to earn the extra mileage for many bloggers commenting on other people’s sites. Guest bloggers are, in a certain way, like butterflies or grasshoppers.


If you want to drive in the fast lane, you might think that guest blogging will improve the user experience once you enter the blogging community. But first, before you are approved by any other blogger whose site is your target, you have to get a ‘entry ticket’.


To do that, you have to demonstrate that you have what it takes to write well – with great details, tips and whatever – but to cut it, otherwise you don’t even think about it… Unless it is such a wooden head for your host blogger to let you post some fluff on his or her pages. Ok, some are there. You would be shocked at where you will find them!


If you have that kind of energy and inspiration, you can run a high-octane blog like some bloggers that seem to be able to conjure up ‘endless posts’ as guest bloggers. Some do it for cash because so-called A-list bloggers are more likely to take a break from writing, so guest bloggers are welcome to add their articles worth two cents.


Some of these blogs are kind of running out of steam with dull news or rehash if you’d notice lately. How many times have you come across any bloggers who write about how, for lack of new ideas to share, they are stuck with writer’s block. And, for them, the fear of losing readers is still there if they don’t keep up the pace… And his face. This is where, to keep the wheels turning, guest bloggers come into the picture. Some ready beavers are still there…


The trend is showing that these blogs are falling down from their high horse, amid all this ‘damage control’ effort.


Many bloggers are so caught up with the guest blogging craze when guest blogging was hot, you just wonder if they pay more attention to blogs from other people rather than attending to their own backyard of blogs. When some bloggers say “oh, we love guest blogging.” we just don’t believe it. Some bloggers are so in love with what they’re doing, they’d go back to their blogs and glorify guest blogging to high heaven.


Here are a couple of guest blogging pros and cons:


It makes you an expert on other people’s blogs by doing better blogging. It pushes you easier to compose.


(Why can’t you become an expert on your own blog if you are a good writer? Do you say that you can’t generate quality stuff on your own site? The adrenalin just flows when you write for someone else?)

This promotes a healthy relationship with fellow bloggers.


(Is this the only way to establish a successful relationship? There’s more than one way a cat can be skinned, mate!).


And it gets you deep connections, of course, and improves your RSS subscribers.


(Sure, you’re going to get backlinks and all that RSS jazz, but when they realize there’s not much to scream about on your own blog, their attention will gradually cold down. Talk about leaving a cold trail!)


And yada, yada, yada. Yada, yada.


All right, about guest blogging, there’s no right or wrong. We either want to do it or not at all. It’s just a matter of taste or preference. We are the stay-at-home type of bloggers, having said that. We like tending to our own garden and seeing the bloom of flowers… In a way of our own. In order to obtain those extra links and get noticed in that way, we are not that desperate to do guest blogging. ‘Said Nuff.


Several years have passed since guest blogging took off. We’ll see if these hype-crazed guest bloggers are still running around or coming to a halt in another year or two. The very premise appears to be slipping into the mist of the history of blogging. There’ll be views to the contrary, of course.


Guest blogging will only take you so far – and if you do not start growing your own flowers, it’s a downhill ride for your blog. Hoping that guest blogging would get you some additional RSS feed subscribers (or pumping up the numbers like some would do) won’t help much because most of these individuals don’t read or visit their feeds at the end of the day. Many people end up with so many things to do and can’t just waste valuable time reading feeds on a regular basis or whatever. Some actually forget about their subscriptions.


In other words, in trying to get this kind of traffic to your blog, there is not much benefit. Gaining organic traffic or search engine traffic is what you need. People going through this traffic route have an intent and the keywords (ideally on the front page) that got your site on the SERPs in the first place are the baits that drove them to your blog. For that, who needs guest blogging?


We’re already seeing a lot of blogs struggling to stay afloat, especially bloggers who are the most likely individuals to fall for guest blogging. There has been so much written about the dumb syndrome suffered by bloggers who make money online, but then, newbies are still wet behind the ears!


So much for blogging with guests. One nagging question: But how come these proven bloggers from the A-list don’t blog for guests themselves? A penny for your thinking. Yeah, never mind, it’s such a matter of noobies! I’ve rested my case.

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