How To Approach A Blog Owner For Guest Blogging

Guest blogging on famous blogs will help you spread awareness and help you build up your credibility as a knowledgeable and authoritative person. But first, you need to consider the best way to present your pitch to a blog owner. There are some barriers to avoid and some ways to phrase the bid to keep them from being able to refuse.

The first thing you want to do is send an email that is personal. The following points of truth ought to be protected by the personal email.

1. Have a proper salutation to the Blog Owner


You want to let them realize that you know who they are. Do not write to ‘beloved owner of the blog’ or any other generic word. You should do enough homework to know who you’re writing to. Currently, if you know that you’re going to have to email a gatekeeper first, contact the gatekeeper directly.


2. Introduce Yourself


Let them know who you are and what your strengths are and what their audience is concerned with. They’re going to want to learn how you can assist them, not how they can help you.


3. Educate about them


Not just about you, but what you know about them and the tourists to them. If they understand that you know a great deal about their audience, how much you will possibly teach their audience would impress them.


4. The Originality of Pledge


The days of writing one guest post and giving all the same post have finished. You should then inform them that you are going to write every post for them, and only for them.

5. Complete the Holes


Every owner of a blog has a content gap to fill. If you can understand that for the author, for them, you will be able to break into blogging. Offer to guest blog within a certain subject where your knowledge resides, but to their particular order, if you are not sure.


6. Explain the way the blog post will be promoted


Explain to the blog owner how you can promote the blog post that you are writing to your audience as well. Since you share a similar target audience, that will bring more visitors to their site.

7. Supply Photos


Tell them you’re going to supply original photos in addition to a blog post. Not only stock pictures that may or may not be legal to use but pictures that you produced or made for the post alone.


8. Provide them with an affiliate network


At the end of the blog post, most bloggers who take guest blog posts often provide a biographical box where you can post a link to your website or sales page. Offer that, where necessary, the relation can be an affiliate link.


Finally, let them know that with every reply on the blog post, you will follow up and continue to support it for a particular period of time. It’s more than likely they’re going to invite you to guest blog again and again if you follow through with what you say.

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