Guest blogging – 5 Traffic generation and web exposure tips

Guest blogging is a perfect way to complement the promotion of your post. Since blogging started, the tradition of bloggers inviting other bloggers to publish on their blog has been going on, but now this very quietly preserved practice is becoming increasingly common. You are still searching for ways to get more traffic to your blog if you are an online freelance writer, and get more exposure to your writing to attract more customers. You can get exposure to a new audience with the occasional guest blog posting job, affirm your expert status and draw fresh traffic to your blog.

As bloggers see the impressive outcomes they can achieve from both guest blogging on other blogs and hosting guests on their blogs, they are more and more active in the practice.


I want to share five basic tips in this article for getting started as a guest blogger:


1. Picking the correct blogs

As a guest blogger, your aim is to find a fresh audience for your writing, get wider exposure and draw new traffic back to your blog. So, in the same industry and a similar compatible niche, and a similar demographic audience, it makes sense to pick blogs that concentrate on keywords similar to yours.


For the best bang for your time, select blogs that are more popular and higher ranked than yours, but do not ignore those up-and-coming blogs with an increasing, loyal following.


Spend time visiting the blogs in your niche on a regular basis for which you would like to guest post. Allow their idiosyncrasies, practices and prejudices visible. When you write your message, take notes and keep these problems in mind so that you do not slip up and annoy your host, or embarrass yourself.


2. Make touch with the writer

Write a short email to the owner of the blog stating why you are offering to send them a guest blog post. If this is your first interaction with this blogger, clarify the subject of your blog briefly and provide a link.


Let the blogger know what you like about their blog, how their blogging style and subject will fit in with your writing, and how your content will add value to their audience.


3. Establishing a simple, mutually advantageous agreement

Guest blog publishing for the guest blogger and the host blogger is a win-win. From the highly relevant link, the guest blogger gets exposure to a new audience, a pleasant increase in traffic back to their blog and more favorable search engine ranking.


The host of the blog wins because they get some fresh, relevant material that provides their readership with something new and buys them a bit of time to do other things. But the readers of the blog often benefit from getting exposure to a new writer and a fresh look at the topic.


Be sure to set out the terms of the agreement so that both parties are specific about items such as the post’s estimated word count, date of publication, number and types and relation placement, content ownership, etc.


4. Coming up with the best blog material

Refer to the notes you took and write from the viewpoint of someone who is familiar with the audience while you were selecting blogs to guest post on. To get ideas for filling in and rounding out the blogger’s approach to the subject, read through recent posts. Ask the host of the blog if there is a specific subject they want to discuss for you.


When guest blogging, be sure to always show your best work. Do your homework, carefully format the post and ask someone before you publish it to proofread it for you.

5. The significance of follow-up

Be sure to check back and respond to the comments after your post has been released. This is a perfect chance for another blogger and their readers to forge a real friendship, so don’t forget this vital aspect of the arrangement.


Go ahead and start blogging about visitors. As a freelancer, it’s a great way to expand your scope, build relationships and get some new, targeted traffic for your blog. It’s a perfect way to bring new perspectives to your blog and give your followers a bit of variety if you are looking to host guest bloggers.

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