Are You Using Your Blogging Gold Mine?

Did you know the gold mine is a blogging partnership with your ‘Comments Section’?

I understand what you’re saying.


“Captain Obvious, of course I understand that the comments section is important to my audience.”


Are you cashing yourself in?


If that is the case, why don’t you cash in on the gold mine of this relationship? If your blog doesn’t provide you with the money you want from a blogging company, why not?


Maybe money is not important to you, but it is important for you to become the leading authority in your profession. If, with your blog, you have not achieved that degree of success, I ask again, why not?


It may be that you are wrongly using the comments section on your blog.


Don’t just wait to get a new comment update. Don’t just log in to your blog every day, checking through your posts to see if you have a new message to respond to.


Get yourself proactive.


The best way to use this segment in order to help both you and your audience is to do the following things.


Do so with an opt-in gift that addresses the query and builds up your list when you respond to a blog comment.

Publish very high quality blog posts that are insightful, and then ask your followers to tell you what they think in the comments below.

Give a free gift to that reader when reacting to a comment on your blog, and mention it in your response.

Take frequently asked questions from your comments and use them to assemble an e-book that helps generate your list with a special report or FAQs.

Tell your audience that you will invite them to a free webinar or conference call if they leave a message, where you will spend an hour or two listening to all of their questions.

There are only a few ways you can use the comments section of your blog actively to strengthen partnerships and your bottom line.

Why are Comments Important?


Maybe you’ve seen countless blogs that had almost no feedback at all.


This suggests that the audience actually did not feel sufficiently interested to say anything about what they were just hearing. You have a really warm outlook if anyone spends their precious time commenting on your blog posts.


Too many individuals who comment on blog posts never hope to receive a response because it has never happened in the past. You can establish a very deep link with just a few words when you reach out to commenters who respond to your blogging content.


Make sure that you respond positively, never engage someone with negative things to say, and this simple practice will increase the number of blog visitors you have, while improving your reputation as an expert in your field as well.

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